Solve Hardwater Problem without Salt and
Provide Clean Water for Every Family

Let’s face it. It is not uncommon for people to drink tap water laced with 20 or 30 chemical contaminants. This water may be legal, but it raises serious health concerns. Water is essential for life and we need good and clean water for our family. No more salt based conventional water softner. Our system will provide you with the best solution for your family

NO Salt, NO Scale, NO Filter change, NO Maintenance


See what people say about us

Bobbie J. Port Jervis

Our family has a well with high amount of Iron, it actually formed iron bacteria too. Everything in my house was turning orange rust color. It was not drinkable and all the clothes after washing changed color to orange and red. ANovaEco installed their filtration system and as promised, it removed all of the iron from my water solving my water problems. Thank you ANovaEco.

Jim B. Chester

The sulfur problem in my house was so bad, the entire house always smelled like dirty socks and eggs. ANovaEco’s special filtration system solved the sulphur problem. This system is fantastic because not only it solved my problem but I don’t have to do anything. It takes care of itself. I wish I had gotten it years ago.

Jay M. Blooming Grove

My well water never tasted good. When I had the ANovaEco whole house water filtration system installed, I started to notice a fresher, cleaner and better taste in my water. And this is a no salt and no maintenance system. I love it.

Jerry S. Washingtonville

I hated being a slave to a salt system that I had for 11 years. It just kept costing me more and more money to have it. Plus I needed an r/o system just to get the salt out because of blood pressure problems. And those filters were so expensive to replace all the time. I am so grateful that I installed the ANovaEco water filtration system. No more costs or work to maintain it. And I don’t have to worry about what might be in my well water ever again.

Steve S. Thiells

My well water was always good for years. All of a sudden my water smelled like a chemical. I called the health department of my county but they said there was nothing they could do for us. My family was getting sick from the smell and whatever the chemicals were. I called the ANovaEco people that I met at a home show. Shortly after, they installed their filtration system and my water problems were gone immediately. Their system really does a great job. Now I know I cannot depend my water on anybody else. I am glad I was able to protect my family.

Sophia Y. Randolph

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our water filtration system we purchased from ANovaEco. Our water quality is much better now. Before we bought your system we wouldn’t drink the water from our faucet because we had a water that smells strong chlorine. Now we drink the water right from the tap, it tastes great and the best thing is no more worry about other chemicals that we keep hearing on news. All of our questions we had was answered in professional manner due to the knowledge the staff has, and they were extremely helpful. Thank you again.

What's in your water?

You don't have to guess any more. ANovaEco provides In-Home-Test or the ultimate peace of mind with our water testing experts and quality lab analysis at your cost.

In Home Test

    • Hardness
    • TDS(Total Dissolved Solids)
    • PH
    • Chlorine
    • Iron Test
    • Sulfur Test

Lab Water Test

    • 5 metals/minerals
    • 7 inorganic compounds
    • 4 physical characteristics
    • 16 of the disinfectants and disinfection byproducts
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